this is just a little welcome :)

hello! thanks for visiting my silly little shop! ✨💖 👏🍍💕 🐑✨ I am primarily a storyteller, but fell in love with sculpting and jewelry (more on that later, maybe, if i remember), so now I make art that is inspired by my stories <3 Pineapple Sheep as a whole is inspired by the whimsical landscapes and cultures of Faeland where I have traveled extensively to bring you the freshest of arts. 😌 It is also inspired by the famous artist Mercy, a main player in "The Mercy Series" comic which will be releasing in the upcoming year ('24 - crossing fingers???) on Webtoons Canvas.

I'm not keeping you long here because I have other things to do and you do too but if you want to check out more about the stories and inspirations behind PS, you can follow me on Insta @pineapplesheep to keep up with my wares - or, if you're into behind-the-scenes stuff, check out @leahelaine for random tidbits of stuff that isn't official enough to put on PS's insta!! And, of course, feel free to check out my trades here on you never know what you might find 👀

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