About Us

About You

It's rough being the main character of your life and dressing the part sometimes, you know??

You know how to dress boldly and have fun with fashion, but it's SO hard to really dress how you want AND follow your moral code when it's so difficult to find cryptic and immersive brands that actually care about sustainability but are also capable of blending joy and absurd humor in a confusing smoothie of whimsical weirdness that really just captivates you fully........ am I right or am I right???

Well look no further! Pineapple Sheep is here for YOU my friend.

You are into stories. You love the arts. You love nature. You're not afraid to be yourself. You want to inspire others, but it's also a kinda scary concept. You think cultural architecture is cool, rectangular brick buildings are boring, and you wish the world was a little more inspired to be creative sometimes. DnD is awesome, but you can't wear the abstract idea of DnD out in public (please don't try) and character art only goes so far. You need a brand you can trust to bring the crispiest pieces of lore-informed merchandise into your life.

I hear you.

That's why Pineapple Sheep exists. I took a look around in a magical place, wrote down my ideas, and brought them back to share with you. You have found my curated collection of Faeland-inspired goods, my caravan of magically-oriented wares. My gucci-ist take on wearable fantasy art, if you will.

All PS jewelry is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and made with high grade metals like sterling silver and 14k filled gold to give a break to sensitive ears. My mission is to make lasting, quality art that brings you joy, speaks to your personal life story, and inspires you to share your magic with the world... and then maybe helps you inspire others with your courageous voice!!

Are you ready to take the leap and claim your place as the main character of your own life?? Our most unique arts can help you with that!

Sustainability Claim

As Pineapple Sheep has grown, I have been cautious to keep it sustainable and to use packaging, tools, materials, and techniques that reflect that. Polymer clay is, by nature, a plastic - that means it will be around forever (if cared for, your pieces should last longer than you). That’s great for the art - but less great for any waste accrued while making the art. I’m passionate about keeping waste low and using scraps whenever and wherever I can, so I can keep all that longevity in the sculpture - not in the ground.